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A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract between you and your spouse prior to your wedding day that determines how your assets will be controlled during the marriage and in the event of a possible divorce. The agreement becomes effective upon marriage and allows for you to decide how you would like to handle affairs in the event of a separation or divorce. The contract, also known as a “prenup,” provides financial security for both parties, a clear understanding of terms and the ability to avoid being subject to your state’s sometimes unfair default laws if there is a dissolution of the marriage.

Couples who divorce without a prenup must undergo a division of assets according to your state’s laws, including its terms of spousal support (alimony). In order to avoid what can be a divisive and costly separation, couples use Prenuptial Agreements for peace of mind and to establish a transparent foundation from which to begin a loving relationship and financial partnership in marriage.

A prenup can do many things, and each prenup will be slightly different depending on what each couple wants to accomplish. Many couples want their prenup to ensure that each spouse’s separate property owned before the marriage remains separate; property such as retirement accounts, 401ks, savings, investments, businesses and real estate. It also prevents the possibility of a spouse incurring the debt of their partner. Not only does a prenup protect current assets, it can also apply to future income, appreciation of value and the further accumulation of assets.

Prenup Planner connects you with independent family attorneys who will draft a legally binding Prenuptial Agreement and certify it with their signatures. Our network of attorneys spans across the state of California and consists only of great lawyers who are experts in this field and specialize in drafting Prenuptial Agreements.

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