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Note California requires at least 7 days to review and execute a prenuptial agreement.

Currently, Prenup Planner is only available to couples in California.


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Getting Married within 4 Weeks?

Prenup Planner will have the first draft of your agreement ready within 48 hours for rush orders.
The process of review and finalization can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

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The Difference is Clear

Prenup Planner offers the safest and most affordable way to get a Prenup.

Guaranteed draft of your prenuptial agreement within 3 business days

Free 30-minute consultation to discuss your options

NO Additional fees or hourly charges

Option to waive spousal support, also known as “alimony” *Legal
representation is required for both parties for a waiver of spousal support

Experienced legal counsel to meet your specific customized needs

NO 3-day guarantee

NO Free consultation

Additional fees and hourly charges

Additional Charges for notarization services advice, attorney signatures, time, phone calls and in office meetings

NO 3-day guarantee

NO Personalized Attorney Matching

NO Experienced legal counsel to meet your specific customized needs

NO Legally-binding attorney signatures

High likelihood that your agreement will not stand up in court due to incomplete language, unenforceable terms and missing information

Additional Charges for advice for notarization services and attorney signatures.

Changing the way we
think of security in

We Connect you with Experienced Attorneys

A prenuptial agreement is one of the most important contracts you will ever sign.

That is why couples complete their prenuptial agreements with separate attorneys through Prenup Planner: To make sure your agreement is as special as your bond with each other.

Have the difficult conversations before you get married

“I was nervous to approach my husband about getting a prenup, I'm so glad we found Prenup Planner. When I called they offered to give me support and advice on how to talk to my fiancée, and really helped me have that conversation.

“After we made the purchase, the whole process was over in a week. The lawyers were friendly, and fast, and the agreement is very detailed. I'm really happy with our decision, and I just wanted to say thank you!”

- Regina, Los Angeles

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