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Based on the criteria you provided, we've found the perfect prenuptial solution for your relationship.


1. Almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce

We all want to believe in the sacred saying while getting married, "til death do us part," but in real life, it's the "divorce" that tears us apart. Statistics say that almost half of all marriages end up in divorce. Once we accept this fact, prenups make perfect sense: why not get married if everyone's assets are protected throughout the marriage? There is very little downside to a divorce with a solid prenuptial agreement.

2. Divorce can ruin your credit

We are not exaggerating when we say that divorce can destroy your finances and your financial future. Divorces can ruin your credit and financial stability and, in turn, maybe your life, if up on the wrong side of it. Without a prenup, there are chances that you will have to pay for alimony, burdened by your spouse's debt, as well as child support, in case you have kids from the now defunct marriage.

3. Prenups help avoid stressful situations

If you have a prenup, the terms of the separation, there will be less bickering, less frustration, and less arguing about who gets what. Divorces are unfortunate events, and emotions run high, so a vengeful spouse can try to take everything. Both your finances and feelings will be hurt.

4. Prenups safeguard victims

A typical divorce can last months with endless fighting and stressful situations, and some people get bushwhacked. A spouse may demand to terminate the relationship immediately, which gives the other party enough time to prepare what lies ahead. A prenup agreement ensures that the victim can make a plan for their future after the separation process.

5. Divorce proceedings can be lengthy without a prenup

Divorces aren't things people get excited for. What's more disappointing is, without a prenup, divorce proceedings can be lengthy. You may have to spend months in the courtroom talking about your problems, but a prenup will simplify this unwanted situation and help it end as soon as possible. You can move on and start anew or even better start a new relationship!

6. Everyone gets their fair share

Prenups aren't rocket science. Signing a prenup is simple. In terminating a marriage, a prenup helps the husband and wife reach a fair arrangement. However, if you sign a prenup for a cheating partner, and you are found guilty of infidelity, then your partner will end up with everything.

7. Marriage for the sake of marriage

Love exists, and that's why people get married. People marry for the sake of marriage. But here is the harsh truth: gold diggers are real. You have seen them in soap operas and movies, but these people also exist in real life. Some men and women only get married because of their partner's money. A bulletproof prenup will discourage people to get married and then end the marriage and get half of their belongings. So, don't marry because the other person is rich, marry them because you want to.

8. Prenups make sense

In this day and age, uncertainty is the word we hear all the time. Marriage is no exception. Marriages end just like all other things in life. So, getting a prenup makes practical sense. It shows your partner that you're realistic, responsible, and a forward-thinking person. It's an attractive trait, and especially ladies want to see that from men.

9. It's a smart decision

People sign prenups so that they can get a fair settlement in case their marriage goes south. Even if your marriage is rock solid, and there is no chance that you lovebirds aren't going to get divorced, a prenup won't hurt anything. It's an easy decision and will only help you. It's only smart to have one.

10. Prenups lessen the stress in your marriage

When people are prepared for upcoming and unknown disaster, they feel less stressed. A prenup is a preparation tactic that acknowledges that your happy marriage might be over some day, and neither party will be devastated by it. This puts less stress on your relationship and makes your marriage even better.

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