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Based on the criteria you provided, we've found the perfect prenuptial solution for your relationship.


It is best to start the process as early as possible and we recommend having the prenuptial agreement finalized and signed 30 days prior to your wedding day. There are several steps involved in completing your prenuptial agreement including drafting the terms, reviewing with your attorney, certification and ultimately notarization. In order to avoid the stress that may come from planning a wedding, we highly recommend beginning the preparation of your agreement three months in advance of your wedding day.

In California, there is a Seven Day Waiting Period that requires there be at least seven days between when a party has last modified their agreement and when the agreement can be signed. Seven days must elapse between the time that (i) each party receives the agreement and is advised to seek counsel, and the time that (ii) each party signs the agreement. This is intended to allow both sides enough time to contemplate this important contract.

Prenup Planner connects you and your partner with two separate attorneys to draft and certify your prenuptial agreement in California. If your wedding is fast approaching, Prenup Planner offers a Rush Order, that will expedite your service and will provide you and your partner with a legally binding agreement at an expedited pace.

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