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Based on the criteria you provided, we've found the perfect prenuptial solution for your relationship.


"Should we write our own prenup?"

Many couples ask this question after downloading a free form online, or where they pay a nominal amount for a legal "template" service online. The fact is: Legal templates for prenuptial agreements can be dangerous and expensive. It is far cheaper and smarter in the long run to have an attorney do this work for you. Attorneys have years of experience and will know what must be included and how to state it in your agreement unequivocally and correctly. There are many technical details that must be executed properly, such as:
  • Both parties must make full financial disclosure.
  • Both parties must sign the document within strict time requirements.
  • The Prenup cannot have illegal material within it's contents.
  • The Prenup in some cases MUST be drafted by an attorney in order to be valid.

If you incorrectly draft or sign a prenup from a "free" template, there is a high likelihood it will be considered invalid, and unenforceable in California at the time when you need it most. This means that it will have no legal effect, as the prenup will not be binding on the Parties involved. A "free" agreement may end up costing you hundreds of thousands if not done properly.

Why you should use Prenup Planner instead:

Prenup Planner offers the security of having an attorney draft your prenuptial agreement for a low, flat fee price. Our attorneys are licensed and experienced, and highly responsive to your individual needs. Prenup Planner can arrange for an attorney to draft your agreement within three days. While traditional law offices may get back to you in a week or more, with no guarantee on when the process will be completed. Prenup Planner's Process is entirely online, and will allow you to make as many changes to your document as you need. Prenup Planner will draft a customized agreement, and will not leave you with doubt as to whether your agreement will be valid or not. Give us a call today and see how we can help meet your needs.

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